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4.2.2 Upgrade

Wed, Mar 26, 1997 at 8:25:58 AM by DW

Important Note
To install the upgrade, you must have already upgraded to Frontier 4.2.
You can get that at the Frontier 4.2 Upgrade page.
Please download the 4.2.2 Upgrader.
Run the Installer script to install the new objects.
The new menu commands are in the Extras folder.
Glue script for new Apple Event implemented by MSIE 3.0.1b1.
Hint comments moved to the bottom of the page in 4.2.2.
If a page contains a big embedded object, we want the docs to appear first.
On a slow net connection you can press cmd-period to stop the load and move on.
Changes in and
Code that processes fat web pages.
May grow over time as more formats are supported.
A test page that illustrates how to create a fat web page using the Frontier website framework.
More info
Watch the Fat Pages Website for new stuff relating to fat web pages.
Previous change notes are on the 4.2.1 Upgrade page.

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