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4.2b8 Change Notes

Mon, Jan 20, 1997 at 5:46:07 AM by DW


1. If memory available goes below 10K while installing, save changes.

Saves changes after it's finished and clears the main window.


1. Added suites.samples and suites.newsPage to the parts list.

I keep suites.samples pretty much up to date. It should be part of every Frontier release.
suites.newsPage is not documented yet, but I wanted to include it in the release to get as much review and testing as possible.


1. Important: The menu bar is not automatically installed.

Open the Extras folder and double-click on system.menubars.MACS to import the new version of the Finder's Scripts menu

2. About this Menu

The web page button -- pointed to the wrong web page.

3. Backup command (Cmd-B)

It can back up files now. Used to just be able to do folders.
Added a confirmation dialog.
Name changes to Backup... instead of Backup Folder...

4. Bookmarks sub-menu

Unlike the Apple menu, it reveals the items, it doesn't launch them.
Works like the Bookmarks menu in web browsers.

5. View in Browser

Send an Apple Event to current web browser, to view the selected file.
Hold down Control key to process macros and hot-up URLs in the text.

6. Send thru Eudora... in Net sub-menu

Only works for folders, select as many folders as you like in the Finder.
We use StuffIt to create an archive of the folders (they are stored in the "Email Attachments" sub-folder of the Frontier folder).
Then we create a new message in Eudora and attach the archive to the message.
This is a common operation that belongs in the Finder, and it shows off the power in the scripting features of both StuffIt and Eudora.
To people who are making other scriptable email packages, and want to work with Frontier, make sure your scripting interface can be interfaced to by the scripts in system.verbs.apps.Eudora.

7. Create MCF... in Net sub-menu

Creates an MCF index for each of the selected folders. If you select a file you'll get an error dialog.
See for an example of an index created by this command.
Feedback from Apple people would be welcome at this time. Send email to, cc'd to Thanks!

8. Reconcile Folders command

Dialog was missing in 4.2b7. The command didn't work at all.

9. Finder.update calls

Added calls to Finder.update so if a file's type or creator changes the icon will be re-displayed.

10. Cmd-M

In the previous release, the Menu Editor command had a single keystroke of Cmd-M.
It conflicts with Make Alias. Removed the single-keystroke.

11. Docs

See Using the Scriptable Finder from Apple for more docs.


1. This menu *is* automatically installed.

It appears for the first time in Frontier 4.2.
See Commands in WebSTAR 2.0's Shared Menu for docs.


1. Preston Holmes,, is making a pass on this so I can focus on getting the rest of 4.2 out.

In the interim I made a couple of changes...

2. outlineSite macro

First parameter defaults to

3. Web authoring navigator

Add to the list of places you can jump to.

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