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Scripting News -- March 1997

Mon, Mar 31, 1997

InfoWorld: Netscape's Visual JavaScript.

Wesley Felter: Disk Copy 6.1 Tips and Tricks.

AnchorDesk: Top Five Java Myths.

Edgar Martinez is a Seattle Mariner, and is not a Frontier user, as far as I know. -- a Frontier site.

Brent Simmons explains Java from a Frontier point of view.

InfoStop, the complete city directory builder.

DaveNet: Fat Pages With Wheels.

Black Dirt Software can convert Visual Basic apps to Java.

DW Status Report.

Mail Starting 3/31/97.

Fat Web Pages: week two.

MacWorld: Apple's Clone Support in Question.

WebMonkey considers the other side of Cascading Stylesheets.

Dan Gillmor in the SJ Merc: Place blame, and give credit, where it's due.

Sun, Mar 30, 1997

Can you read Hebrew?

Frontier Download Archives.

Sat, Mar 29, 1997

C|Net: Java Java Java.

Fri, Mar 28, 1997

Brent Simmons: Proposed new parameter for Mac CGIs.

PC WEEK: Gateway to buy Amiga.

USA Today: Be and Netscape sittin in a tree.

DaveNet: A Young Valley.

John Ousterhout of Sun Labs on scripting.

Brent Simmons: First look at GoLive Cyberstudio.

Thu, Mar 27, 1997

Preston Holmes: ODBC comes to Frontier!

SJ Mercury-News: Amelio dismisses Ellison story.

Brent Simmons: Future Ideas for Content Server.

SJ Mercury-News: Ellison moves to take over Apple.

ObjectStore, a database for the web.

Linda and Chuck Shotton are having a baby boy in August.

Peter N Lewis kicks off Mail Starting 3/27/97.

Dori Smith on Apple, the Internet and DTP.

Wed, Mar 26, 1997

The Frontier Content Server software is coming along nicely!

Is anyone using Coda? Comments?

What a day! NetFrontier 2.1.

John Gilmore on Mail Starting 3/24/97.

Fat page graphic: Maurice Rickard. (Nice one!)

Simson Garfinkel on HotWired: This piece makes me want to start coding in Java.

QuickDNS Pro 1.1.

DaveNet: Fat Web Pages.

Fat Web Pages and Frontier.

Frontier 4.2.2 Upgrade.

1/31/97: Tricky Browser Guys.

A big day on! Microsoft has released version 3.0.1b1 of Internet Explorer. It has a new feature that's very important for Mac-based web developers and scripters. Details will be available on this page in the next few hours. In the meantime you can download Microsoft's software from their website.

Tue, Mar 25, 1997

James Gleick: essays.

April 7-11: Sixth WWW Conference, Santa Clara, CA.

Mon, Mar 24, 1997

MacWEEK: Reading the tea leaves.

Mail Starting 3/24/97.

DaveNet piece: NY Times on Push.

Sun, Mar 23, 1997

More fat graphics: Jason Fagone, a summary page.

NY Times: Push is the silliest piece of puffery to waft along in several seasons. In fact, Push is nothing more than a thinly disguised return to ideas of information delivery that the Internet has made obsolete. The failure of Push is preordained . (Password required)

Matt Neuburg's revised web tutorial. The best keeps getting better... Thanks Matt!

Sat, Mar 22, 1997

Fat graphics from Paul Neureiter, Daniel Berlinger, ahs boy, Ben Kimball.

Mail Starting 3/22/97.

DaveNet piece: Empowerment and Trust.

Coming soon: Fat web pages. Needed now: a Fat Page Graphic. Thanks!

Fri, Mar 21, 1997

MacWEEK: Warnock clarifies Adobe's plans for Rhapsody?

Brent Simmons: Tips for running a stable server.

Mark Alldritt's comments on the Apple Event Interface for External Editing.

Thu, Mar 20, 1997

Upside: Can Microsoft do Content?

Leonard Rosenthol: CryptoUCMD offers a set of functions for encrypting data.

Brent Simmons: Content Server 1.0b9.

Steven Noreyko: Frontier T-Shirts.

Chuck Shotton: W*API 1.2 Plug-in Windows.

Wed, Mar 19, 1997

IBM purchases majority stake in NetObjects.

Mail Starting 3/19/97.

Frontier 4.2.1 is now the official release.

DaveNet piece: The Struggle to Stay Wizzy.

MIDAS proposal: Apple Event Interface for External Editing.

Late Night's spec.

MacWEEK: Developer response to cancellation of Open Transport.

Tue, Mar 18, 1997

3:18PM: Changes on Frontier 4.2.1 Endgame page.

Right on! Let's get over ourselves.

PC WEEK: Eric Schmidt named Novell chairman.

Frontier 4.2.1 Endgame.

Mon, Mar 17, 1997 -- Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Leonard Rosenthol: OSA Menu 1.1.

DaveNet piece: The OpenDoc Lesson.

Mason Hale on WebObjects.

PC WEEK: Where JavaSoft is going.

MacWEEK: John Warnock on Rhapsody.

Sun, Mar 16, 1997

Tom Abate in the SF Examiner: Making Apple grow again.

Matt Neuburg's revised web tutorial. The best gets better... Thanks Matt!

Sat, Mar 15, 1997

New Sample Script: samples.NewIn97.randomPasswords.

Dan Gillmor has a hunch about the Red Herring story.

PictServer Pro public beta.

Frontier defined for Next people.

Red Herring loves Xtrasoft, but what the heck is it? Hmmm. Can't get thru to their server. So I did a Who is Xtrasoft? What's going on here?

DaveNet piece: Guerrino.

NetMoguls does Gil Amelio.

Macintouch: Anonymous preview of Mac OS 8.

Business Week: Personalized online shopping.

Dan Gillmor: Apple Fatigue.

Fri, Mar 14, 1997

DaveNets filed in LA: Greed Acres, Sculley Interview, Apple Changes. Report on Apple changes.

SJ Merc report.

MacWEEK: Apple tables OpenDoc and the developer reaction.

Wired: Apple pines for cross-platform miracle.

GoLive public beta.

Mail Starting 3/14/97.

Mon, Mar 10, 1997

DaveNet piece: Fire Drill!

Apple NewsRoom site goes on the air. For the next few days watch that page for news relating to the cross-platform scripting world. I'm the webmaster of that site, so that's where my loop will be for the rest of this week. Some links may appear on this page over the next couple of days. It pays to look! But watch the NewsRoom page for the most up-to-the-minute reports. DW

Sun, Mar 9, 1997

Frontier Demo Script and sample site for Amelio's keynote at InternetWorld next Wednesday.

BusinessWeek: OpenDoc, AIX get axed at Apple; Jobs doesn't want the top job.

A milestone: SJ Merc Coverage of ACM.

Sat, Mar 8, 1997

DaveNet piece: If the Net Were Smarter.

InternetWorld Party List.

CNN: Sun's McNealy bets he can get the computer world to replace Windows.

How the University of Wisconsin uses Frontier.

I wrote my first outliner/scripting software as a grad student at UW-Madison. Here's the story. It's so cool that they use Frontier in Madtown! DW

Mail Starting 3/8/97.

Symantec Speed Disk, in beta, is scriptable.

How The Straight Dope uses Frontier.

ContentServer 1.0b4.

Interesting products from the Mac Developers @ InternetWorld form: Electrifier, Hotline, PageCharmer, OPTIX WEB .

Fri, Mar 7, 1997

By popular demand: Matt's web tutorial as a Binhex download. Just unstuff and browse locally.

DaveNet piece: Moon Mission.

MacWEEK editorial: A Web Natural.

MacWEEK: InternetWorld product list, includes Content Server.

John Dvorak: Lawsuit threatens future of the web.

How Sports Illustrated uses Frontier.

Frontier at Sun and Apple in Europe.

Thu, Mar 6, 1997

DaveNet piece: Mac Developers @ InternetWorld.

Looking for Success Stories.

Chris Gulker: Today's news: today's news!

Up and Running With Frontier Web Site Management by Matt Neuburg. If you've been struggling with building websites in Frontier, stop everything and work thru this tutorial.

Jean-Louis Gassée: The Heat on the Clones.

The Albanian Daily News is a Frontier site.

Brent Simmons: ContentServer 1.0b2.

WebMonkey's Paul Boutin on push.

I'm not surprised! Maggy's back! (And kickin butt...)

Wed, Mar 5, 1997

Chuck Shotton is back from Japan and there's a new version of NetEvents.

Mail Starting 3/5/97.

Tue, Mar 4, 1997

A milestone! Content Server Preview.

MacWEEK: AppleScript 1.2.

Monty's Amazing Puzzle.

Doc Searls: Shoveling Push Media.

Mon, Mar 3, 1997

DaveNet piece: Simulated People.

DaveNet piece: Don's Amazing Puzzle.

Mail Starting 3/3/97.

A couple of changes to the 4.2.1 Upgrade package. Included 4.2b3 of the CGI framework and a small change to html.runOutlineDirectives.

Apple's new developer VP: David Krathwohl.

New release: PreFab Player 1.1.

The Mac Channel. (Push, just for the Mac.)

MacWEEK: ScriptEase. Cross-platform JavaScript.

Sun, Mar 2, 1997

Frontier 4.2.1 Upgrade is ready for review. Please follow the instructions carefully. Comments on any of the Frontier mailing lists. Thanks!

Scripting Verona from Frontier by Wesley Felter.

List of important Mac web content tools. Comments?

Bart Simpson: Organ transplants are best left to professionals.

Sat, Mar 1, 1997

Palatino on Windows?

Mail Starting 3/1/97.

TypeStyler 3.0.

Any Frontier site builders beta-testing GoLive CyberStudio? Send email if you're creating templates or writing Frontier-rendered pages with GoLive. Thanks!

Free cross-platform fonts from Microsoft.

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