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News & Updates -- Thru January 1997

Fri, Jan 31, 1997

DaveNet piece: Tricky Browser Guys.

New CGI Framework alphas.

Version 1.2 of Apple's Object Support Library. This is their golden master release. If you've been having OSL-related trouble, please try this out and report the results on one of the Frontier mailing lists. Thanks!

ODBEngine 1.0b4.

Seybold Seminars discovers Frontier website stuff.

MacWEEK article on Frontier 4.2.

PC Magazine review of current push technology.

Skiing was great! Glad to be back...

Sun, Jan 26, 1997

DaveNet piece: Quorum and Altura.

A complete copy of is accessible via HTTP.

Sat, Jan 25, 1997

New performance tests on the Frontier is Native page.

Updated The Open Menu page for 4.2.

Fixes for 4.2.

Fri, Jan 24, 1997

MacWEEK editorial: Waiting to Exhale.

ListApps CGI Script.

Ben Kimball's experiences with Frontier.

A fresh start for the BBS. If you have a question, answer, or opinion, please log in. Thanks!

Adobe SiteMill 2.0 beta.

A fresh start for the Guestbook. If you're doing a site with Frontier or NewsPage please sign in. Thanks!

Greg Hartling has a story.

Thu, Jan 23, 1997

MacWEEK: review of NetObjects Fusion 1.0.

Temporary FTP Mirror.

DaveNet piece: A New Groove.

Wed, Jan 22, 1997

Frontier 4.2 Ships!

Let's Have Fun!

Tue, Jan 21, 1997

You can now download Microsoft's Mac Web Server.

First draft -- Glossary Patching.

First draft -- NewsPage.

Frontier 4.2b9 upgrader is available on the Frontier 4.2 Betas page.

NetPresenz 4.1.

Mon, Jan 20, 1997

Mini-DaveNet Source.

New root file on Frontier 4.2 Endgame Page.

Frontier 4.2b8 upgrader is available on the Frontier 4.2 Betas page.

The Future of Frontier wrt AppleScript.

SF Examiner article on Apple.

Sun, Jan 19, 1997

Frontier 4.2 Endgame Page.

Meet Sal Soghoian, AppleScript's new product manager.

Sat, Jan 18, 1997

DaveNet piece: Powerscripters.

Andy G Ihnatko on the DaveNet Mail site.

Andy's Expo piece.

ADB_IO info page.

Fri, Jan 17, 1997

Microsoft's Mac Web Server.

Alaskan Campers on the Classified Ads website. While you're there, scroll down, Marimba is still looking for a webmaster. Thanks!

The 25 most popular pages on The list will be updated every night at 2AM.

Thu, Jan 16, 1997

Gamelan digs my psychic Marimba hurlings. Wow!

BANG Meeting/Jan 23.

Some advice for Apple.

MIDAS ski trip, Jan 26-31.

MIDAS Jan 97 board meeting minutes.

Apple to use Sun Kernel?

Wed, Jan 15, 1997

DaveNet piece: Second Survey Complete.

1/14/97 -- Survey Summary.

Percentage changes between the two surveys.

Next docs for Mac programmers.

Tue, Jan 14, 1997

DaveNet piece: Early Results.

The second developer survey is open.

Compare the numbers: Jan 2 survey and Jan 14 survey. points to the survey. Coooool!

PC WEEK interview with Gil Amelio.

Mon, Jan 13, 1997

DaveNet piece: Survey Starts Sooooooon!

Frontier on AnchorDesk.

Pointing at the Survey.

FinderMenu is Important.

SJ Merc: Dan Gillmor column.

SiteWarrior from ProVUE.

Happy 40th Birthday: Marc Canter!

Sun, Jan 12, 1997

Frontier 4.2b7 upgrader is available on the Frontier 4.2 Betas page.

We depend on powerscripters.

Testing: please visit and reload several times. Thanks!

Sat, Jan 11, 1997

Windows and Unix users can only dream of the power you can access from this page.

DaveNet piece: Seybold Sponsors Second Survey.

TechWire interviews Avie Tevanian.

Stanford's Frontier-webmaster list.

Jason Snell might be happy to learn about Website Building with Frontier.

Fri, Jan 10, 1997

DaveNet piece: Cookies.

Jean-Louis Gassée on NetMoguls.

Seybold Seminars co-sponsors the second developer survey.

Thu, Jan 9, 1997

DaveNet piece: Another Realignment.

The form that will be used for the 1/14/ survey. (Draft)

Please help test cookie stuff in preparation for the second MacWEEK/DaveNet survey, next Tues, Jan 14.

The Economist on Apple.

Source code for CookieTest CGI script.

Wed, Jan 8, 1997

DaveNet piece: Steam!

Apple in Wired News.

Expo Web-Cam.

Why I Love Apple by Andrew Himes.

Tue, Jan 7, 1997

"Let me assure you that System 7 is not going to be abandoned," Hancock said at a presentation.

Microsoft Personal Web Server beta ships.

Marimba makes a deal with Apple.

New glue script: WebSTAR.flushCache.

Mon, Jan 6, 1997

Frontier 4.2 is delayed on the Frontier 4.2 Betas page.

Gil Amelio on DaveNet Mail.

DaveNet piece: Quickie.

Mark Andreessen, John Doerr, Esther Dyson, Mark Eppley, Gordon Eubanks, David Farber, Mitchell Kertzman, Steve Kirsch, Regis McKenna, Jeff Papows, Lerry Wilson and Dave Winer give advice to Apple CEO Gil Amelio.

Quote for Apple 1/7 Press Release.

Sun, Jan 5, 1997

Steve Wozniak on DaveNet Mail.

DaveNet piece: Sell What You Have.

Hit another deal-stopper Playing with Apple's Web Server.


Sat, Jan 4, 1997

The MacWEEK/DaveNet developer survey is closed. See 1/2/97 -- Survey Summary for final results. Thanks!

Net Professional Magazine debuts. (I'm a contributing editor and believe in what they're doing. Go Raines!)

DaveNet Live 1/6/97.

DaveNet piece: Another Live Show!

Be to run Mac apps.

Fri, Jan 3, 1997

WebCollage survey results (updated hourly):

Altura's Mac2Next software.

BusinessWeek story.

Apple projects $100 million loss this quarter.

CGI Scripts for MacWEEK/DaveNet Survey.

DaveNet piece: Survey Results.

URLS Registered in Developer Survey.

Thu, Jan 2, 1997

Another great piece by Henry Norr.

Survey Results Page.

DaveNet piece: Decision 97.

MacWEEK/DaveNet Survey.

Wed, Jan 1, 1997

DaveNet piece: 1997.

Electronic Recruiting News reviews the Classified Ads server.

Check out the Archives of the News Page.

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