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Scripting News -- February 1997

Fri, Feb 28, 1997

MacWEEK: Did Microsoft win the browser war?

Interesting idea: MSIE includes MPWS. Both are free. With both running, we could have a web-browser interface for the odb. The whole thing would just be a CGI script. Use templates.

MacWEEK: Rumors fly about Apple layoffs.

DaveNet piece: What's Going On?

Don's Amazing Puzzle.

John Sculley still doesn't get it.

Updated: Microsoft's Mac Web Server.

Important piece: The VerifyURL suite by Preston Holmes.

China Informed, a NewsPage site. Coooool!

Thu, Feb 27, 1997

DaveNet piece: Back in the USSR.

Chris Gulker has a WhoIs page written in Frontier.

Dave Ely kicks off Mail Starting 2/27/97 with another angle on push -- agents! (Remember General Magic?)

Brent Simmons explains how to use Microsoft Personal Web Server with Frontier.

Jim Seymour on IdeaMarket.

Wed, Feb 26, 1997

First release of the Frontier ClassAds Server. The docs will get more detailed. Be prepared to upgrade if you install now. Thanks!

Microsoft Personal Web Server ships. Read about it, download it, then get the new CGI Framework.

John VanDyk: Robot Exclusion Suite.

Ralph Lombreglia in the Atlantic Monthly. (Yeah Ralph!)

Electronic Recruiting News analysis of our ClassAds strategy.

Matt Neuberg's Top Sixteen Undocumented Frontier Features.


Tue, Feb 25, 1997

DaveNet piece: Can't Touch This!

DaveNet piece: This Web is Free.

Pointcast refuseniks speak out on Mail Starting 2/25/97.

My first look at Pointcast: CNN On Your Desktop. (1/14/96)

Please: Help Test CGI Framework 4.2. interview with Apple's Ellen Hancock.

MacUser interview with Apple's Avie Tevanian.

TidBITS: Bandwidth & Latency explained.

Arnold Lesikar's Polite Spider suite.

Mon, Feb 24, 1997

Brent Simmons on the CGI Framework.

Claris Emailer 2.0 beta supports menu sharing.

Emailer glue scripts are on the Fog City website.

Jeffrey Veen comments on Netscape 4.0b2 on WebMonkey.

Symantec on Java Decompilers.

Interesting product: PictServer.

Sun, Feb 23, 1997

DaveNet piece: The Promise of Push.

SJ Merc: Interview with Steve Wozniak.

CNN: Scientists clone first adult mammal.

TCPCMD now works with NetEvents.

Sat, Feb 22, 1997

Mail Starting 2/22/97 begins with a comment from Will Hearst.

Webmasters can access Frontier's object db and the Mac file system thru telnet.

Marimba's Castanet tuner for Mac alpha. (PowerPC only.)

Netscape Communicator 4.0b2. (PowerPC only.)

Docs for HTML changes in 4.0b2.

Tutorial: How does a page get built in Frontier?

See how they do dynamic websites on the Next OS at the BANG meeting on 2/27.

Fri, Feb 21, 1997

DaveNet piece: Big Week.

Marimba's new webmaster, Woodie, has a spooooky animated picture.

Thu, Feb 20, 1997

DaveNet piece: Being Kind to the Mac.

ClearlyHome -- a multihoming solution for WebSTAR servers.

PC WEEK: Tiny web server from Cisco Systems.

ScriptWeb consultants database.

Sample NetEvents AppleScript from Andy Knasinski. Send email to with problems or gratitude.

Download NetEvents from the TCP Scripting page.

Lots of mail about Java, Apple, NextStep on Mail Starting 2/19/97.

Wed, Feb 19, 1997

The Crawler Suite crawls a website, downloading all files it can find to your local hard disk.

Leonard Rosenthol on the Future of the TCPCMD.

IBM commits to worldwide Java initiative, but...

A gutsy programmer released a Mocha, an applet that can decompile Java apps! (I just heard about this yesterday, apparently it works.)

C|Net piece from last summer on the Mocha controversy.

Hanpeter van Vliet, the author of Mocha's response to the uproar.

DaveNet piece: Decompiling Java.

Great stuff on Mail Starting 2/19/97.

Motorola goes with the BeOS on Be News from Tokyo.

Next's takeover of Apple continues?

Tue, Feb 18, 1997

DaveNet piece: Lunch With Woz.

Assimilator from Peter N. Lewis.

Assimilator does more than The Network Utilities Suite.

Mail Starting 2/18/97.

NY Times: Be to bundle with Motorola Macs. (Password required.)

Preston Holmes: Simple Telnet server.

Sun, Feb 16, 1997

TCP Scripting for AppleScript and Frontier.

TCP thru Apple Events for C programmers.

Internet Daemon Manager, a simple framework for server apps, designed by Unix.

NetEvents Interface, the Frontier-Apple Event interface, with source for sample scripts.

Preston Holmes: Webster a TCP dictionary interface.

Preston Holmes: Frontier implementation of the Unix Cron scheduler.

Preston Holmes: SimpleServer for NetEvents.

The Search page works again. Sorry for the outage!

Sat, Feb 15, 1997

Interesting: Netscape Constructor for IFC.

on WebMonkey. Neat!

Fri, Feb 14, 1997

DaveNet piece: Toasters.

BusinessWeek: Webcasting.

Magdalena Donea on Mail Starting 2/14/97.

Prefab Player 1.1: Release notes and download.

Fortune: Something's Rotten in Cupertino.

Great quote from Ted Turner: "Average sex is better than being a billionaire." I didn't know that!

Romancing the Web.

Demo veterans tell their secrets.

My story: Demoing Software for Fun & Profit.

Thu, Feb 13, 1997

New commands/fixes for the NewsPage website package.

Heavy Frontier users: Don't forget to Save A Copy every few weeks.

New version of WebWarrior, an HTML editor for the Mac that can edit Frontier objects.

Does anyone have a CGI like this running in Frontier?

2 hours later: Jim Correia does. And it's fast!

Internet Domain Survey for January 1997. Over 16 million hosts.

WebScheduler CGI app written in Frontier. Impressive!

Connie Guglielmo: It's a Wonderful Life.

Daniel Berlinger has examples of corporate style icons for Frontier.

MacWEEK: Does Open Transport have a future? This is important for netscripting on the Mac.

Wed, Feb 12, 1997

DaveNet piece: Canary in a Coalmine.

Help Wanted: Web developer for BMW.

Much new mail on Mail Starting 2/12/97.

A new media experience by some friends of mine.

MailStorm stores Eudora email in FileMaker databases.

Tue, Feb 11, 1997

Do we need a new logo?

If you downloaded the FinderMenu update before 6:47:29 AM, please download again and re-install.

New commands/fixes: FinderMenu Change Notes.

Background: Using the Scriptable Finder from Apple.

Help Wanted: Prince Edward Island webmaster.

Chuck Shotton and Guerrino De Luca on Mail Starting 2/11/97.

New sample scripts: buildTestFolders, countMenuCommands, listRunningApps, numericIPaddress.

Monitor your servers with Sentinel.

Cool toy alert from Chuck Shotton.

Mon, Feb 10, 1997

DaveNet piece: We Need A Plan.

DaveNet piece: Heidi Leaves.

New Media: Free Lunch with Heidi.

Batch Exporter Suite updated.

InfoSeek: sitelist spec.

AppleScript Language Guide website.

The most annoying website!

Looking for a great webmaster?

Sun, Feb 9, 1997

DaveNet piece: Breaking Rules.

Rick Smolan on the DaveNet website.

Sat, Feb 8, 1997

The Scripting News page will be blacked out for a few days as an expression of support for free speech on Internet.

How banner ads work in WebSiphon and Ad Optimizer.

Can Apple Implement? by Amy Wohl.

24 Hours of Democracy, now on

10 Random Essays -- many of them are still there!

Third installment: People Still Care.

Second installment: We Get Our Act Together.

First installment: The Blackout.

Wired News: Remembering the Great Web Blackout.

DaveNet piece: A Time Capsule.

One year ago today: Holding Hands in Cyberspace.

Source for the 24 Hours site on the downloads page.

About broken links on the 24 Hours site.

Fri, Feb 7, 1997

Stories: Pamela McAllister.

Yet Another Mail Site! Mail Pages.

Tony Bove's Outline for InternetWorld.

Java and Frontier Sittin' in a Tree!

Thu, Feb 6, 1997

DaveNet piece: Some Delicious Ideas!

Daniel Berlinger on ADB I/O.

Wed, Feb 5, 1997

DaveNet piece: Remember the Blackout.

ZDNet report on Apple shareholders meeting.

Amelio's speech at today's Apple shareholders meeting.

Chuck Shotton: "Apple's stock price is down to 15.25. That makes the Market Cap only $1.9B. Within $100M of its cash. Wonder what would happen if Apple bought *itself*?"

Chuck's dog Kerby.

Microsoft: IE usage up to between 41% and 17%.

Berst: Microsoft blew it with Visual Basic.

Tue, Feb 4, 1997

From the archives: Steve Wozniak on Apple (8/28/95).

Brian Buck on the Media Info Suite.

Brian's dog Sunny, acting sassy.

DaveNet piece: Apple Reorg.

MacWEEK: Apple Announces New Organizational Structure.

Apple press release.

David May's adapation of Wesley Felter's WebSTAR Status CGI.

Mon, Feb 3, 1997

From Henry Norr: Is this what you mean by a flipped-around web browser?

DaveNet piece: Berst Alert!

Hey! -- I got a plug on Not bad...

Updated to work with 4.2: Source for Frontier Website.

Cooooler Frontier Sites.

Better links on What is Frontier? page.

CGI Framework 4.2a2.

Sun, Feb 2, 1997

A neat essay by Preston Holmes written in July.

Server Testing Page.

Wired: Be quits hardware business.

Sat, Feb 1, 1997

Site Changes on

ColorPicker UCMD.

Fri, Jan 31, 1997

DaveNet piece: Tricky Browser Guys.

New CGI Framework alphas.

Version 1.2 of Apple's Object Support Library. This is their golden master release. If you've been having OSL-related trouble, please try this out and report the results on one of the Frontier mailing lists. Thanks!

ODBEngine 1.0b4.

Seybold Seminars discovers Frontier website stuff.

MacWEEK article on Frontier 4.2.

PC Magazine review of current push technology.

Skiing was great! Glad to be back...

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